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Morri Mostow and Doug Long are available for travel and other assignments from newspapers, magazines, radio and other media.
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Explore Maui the right way — with a guide.
 The beauty and storied past of this majestic Hawaiian island can be overwhelming. Tour Maui’s windswept coast, along the legendary Hana Highway, past incredible waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. Discover secret places and history that only a local Maui guide can reveal. You will leave with unforgettable Maui memories!

Seaside Chapel, Grand Wailea Resort & Spa, Maui, Hawaii. Click for article. "Just Maui'ed" (The Globe and Mail, February 3, 1999.)  We knew our wedding on Maui was going to be unorthodox when Rose Roselinsky arrived at our rented condo with Hymie, a singing Amazon parrot who refused to sing...(full article)
Contra Dance in the Eastern Townships, Quebec"Country Dancing for One and All in the Eastern Townships"in Forever Young (now The Montrealer, December/2004). The church hall is packed. Young children frolic around the edges. Their parents and other dancers walk, sashay, skip or jig their way up and down the hall in two rows of long facing lines...Read the full article.
Vignoble de la Bauge, Brigham, Quebec. Click to enlarge."Harvest Time on the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Tour" in Forever Young (now The Montrealer, October/2004). It’s the perfect end to a perfect day. Under a canopy of grapevines on the terrace of the Orpailleur vineyard in Dunham, we toast the start of the grape harvest with sparkling champagne: Orpailleur Brut de Brut. Only 5,000 bottles of this Intervin International 2002 gold-medal winner... (click here for full article.)
Dancing Under the Canopy, Winnipeg, Man. Photo: The Forks Renewal Corporation.  Click to enlarge."Romance in Winnipeg - Shall we Dance?" in Forever Young (now The Montrealer, June/2004). Shall we dance? In Winnipeg, we certainly shall. When director Peter Chelsom chose to film Shall We Dance*, starring Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere, in Winnipeg last summer, he made an inspired choice. Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, with its handsome 1920s commercial buildings, was a perfect stand-in for the movie’s Chicago setting. The movie also needed dozens of local dancing extras and Winnipeg easily filled that bill, too. Social, competitive and performance dance has been booming for years in the Manitoba capital — and dance-loving visitors can join in the fun...(click here for full article).
Shawn Silver with dance students. Click to enlarge."Jiggin’ in St. John’s" in Forever Young (now The Montrealer, May/2004). The Celtic music thrums in 6/8 overdrive time. Violins fiddle. Mandolins pluck. It’s guitars allegro! Our toes tap, feet fly, legs leap. We sweat like salt cod in a barrel of brine. We are jiggin’ in St. John’s, and we don’t mean fishin’! Our Riverdance-trained instructor picks up the pace. Our hearts race, chests heave, calves cramp!...(click here for full article).
Swan House at the Atlanta History Centre - click for article"Southern Charm is Alive and Well in the New South" in Forever Young (now The Montrealer, August/2003).  We went to Atlanta to see the “Old South”:  pillared plantation mansions, live oaks draped in moss, horse-drawn carriages clip-clopping over cobblestones. Big mistake! “For that,” drawled our guide with a laugh, “you’ll have to go to Savannah”... (click for full article)
Click to enlarge."Winnipeg Exchange District is Looking Up" (Via Destinations Canada, July/Aug., 2003). Once marred by dingy factories, warehouses and abandoned buildings, Winnipeg’s Exchange District is rapidly becoming a vibrant centre of prairie art, culture and restored early 20th -century architecture. Now a National Historic Site, this 30-block area...(full article) Check out Webs links for Winnipeg and the Exchange District..
Click to enlarge"White on White" (VIA Destinations Canada, Feb. 2003). We are bouncing across the Tundra, in an oversize bus with giant off-road tires, in a futile search for polar bears. For the past three hours, we have been staring out foggy windows at the bleak, boulder-strewn tundra lightly dusted with snow, watching Hudson Bay turn to ice porridge. So far, only an Arctic hare, a quick flash of fox, a few ptarmigan and snow buntings have broken the monotony...(full article) Check out Webs links for Churchill, Manitoba.
St. James Hotel, Montreal - Click for article"Cozy Up to Winter in the Underground City — The Charms of Montreal Indoors and Out"(Jan./Feb.03 issue of Arrive, Amtrak's on-board magazine in the NE corridor)  You don’t have to “parlez-vous” to enjoy Montreal, but French adds a uniquely foreign flavor to this marvelously cosmopolitan city. Off-season rates, uncrowded attractions and fewer tourists make winter a great time to visit the world’s second largest French-speaking city after Paris. Known for its fine dining, great shopping and Old World charm, Montreal also knows how to beat the cold... (full article)
Fairmont Kea Lani Maui - click to enlarge"Cheap Thrills on Maui's Gold Coast" in Forever Young (now The Montrealer, Jan./2003).  "Get down,” I hiss to Doug, who has scrambled up a grapefruit tree and loaded his arms with huge, pink fruit. We have just completed a two-hour guided tour of the award-winning grounds of the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa. The landscape manager has invited our group to pick fruit from the hotel’s orchard, where coffee and cacao flourish among citrus, carambola and other tropical fruits. I’m mortified that Doug has taken our guide so literally ... (full article)
Click to enlarge"Great Holiday Escapes" (VIA Destinations Canada, VIA Rails' on-board on-board magazine) Dec. 2002/January 2003.  Looking for a great gift idea? Why not treat your loved ones to a holiday during the holidays, to experience one of the things Canada does best … winter! Value-packed vacation packages let you rediscover the delights of a Canadian winter ... (full article)
Click to enlarge"Two Canadian Women Take Different Routes to Fashion Success," VIA Destinations Canada (VIA Rail's on-board magazine) July/August 2002  Wives in Sherbrooke, Quebec have been known to send their husbands to Knowlton, an hour’s drive away, just to check out the groovy windows, country charm and, of course, the designer togs at Hurricane Grace ... (full article)
Click to enlarge"Treasure Hunting in the Eastern Townships, "VIA Destinations Canada (VIA Rail's on-board magazine) May/June 2002  "Amazing, unbelievable!" exclaimed our Ontario cousins Gordon and Diane, as they gingerly picked their way through Antiquités à l' Étage in Foster, Quebec, a treasure-hunter's paradise... (full article)
Trish Wood & Joan Westland. Photo: David Andersen. Click to enlarge"Tour the Townships in Style and Comfort with Wood & Westland" (Special vacation supplement in The Record, June 19, 2002.) If you want to discover the very best of the Townships, you are in luck! Wood & Westland, a brand-new touring company, has created the ultimate bike and van tours... (full article)
Victorian Days in Knowlton Dog Pageant May 20/02. Photo: David Andersen. Click for article. "People, Pups Pack Park"  Brome County News (as supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec) May 22, 2002
Cindy Moyan with her hand-painted tiles. Photo: Caroline Kehne. Click to enlargeBizBeat - a regular by-lined column for the Brome County News (a supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec) 2001 was the best year ever for Knowlton Decorative Tiles, Cindy Moynan’s home-based ceramics business. Thirty-percent of sales came from the Internet...(full BizBeat article in Feb. 20/02 Brome CountyNews). More BizBeat columns: 2002  Aug 21/02  May 22/02, May 15/02, May 1/02, Apr.17/02 Apr. 10/02, Apr. 3/02 Mar. 27/02, Feb. 20/02 Jan. 30/02 Jan. 19/02. 2001 - Dec. 19/01 Dec. 12/01 Nov. 14/01 Oct. 24/01 Sept.12/01, July 11/01 July 4/01, June 27/01 June 13/01 June 6/01, May 23/01 May 16/01 April 25/01

Photo: David Anderson. Click to enlarge "Local Teens Produce "The Television Channel" Talk of the Townships (a supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec) May 17, 2002.

Don McGowan with crew of Travel Travel in Knowlton. Click to enlarge"Townships on Prime Time TV"  Brome County News (a supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec) August 1, 2001
Click to enlarge - Down to Earth's Badger & Chartier. Photo: David Andersen"Local Artists Featured in National Magazine"  Brome County News (a supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec) May 30, 2001.


Click to enlarge: Virgo Catering, Knowlton Qc"New Shop Caters to Good Taste" Brome County News (a supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec) April 11, 2001.  All signs point to success for Virgo Catering, a five-star addition to the Knowlton food scene. Virgo Romano, who is actually a Gemini...(full article)
Hurricane Grace boutique, Knowlton Qc. Click to enlarge"Hurricane Grace Blows into Central Knowlton  Brome County News (a supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec) April 4, 2001. Roofs may still sag under piles of snow but last Friday Hurricane Grace blew into Knowlton, bringing a load of summery fashions...(full article)
Click to enlarge: Open Stage at La Vieille Bûche PubGrab Centre Stage!  Brome County News (a supplement to The Record, Sherbrooke, Quebec, August 2, 2000.) Do you sing in the shower? Pluck guitar in your basement? Play piano at parties? If so, here’s your chance to grab centre stage. Since early spring...(full article)
Auberge Lakeview Inn, Knowlton Qc. Click for article."Wild About Duck" (The Gazette, Montreal, January 15, 2000.) I’m wild about duck. I don’t shoot it and I don’t cook it — but I love to find it on a menu. Few places have more duck-adorned menus than the Eastern Townships, home of the world-famous Brome Lake duck...(full article)


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Morri Mostow and Doug Long are available for travel and other assignments from newspapers, magazines, radio and other media.
Contact us via email or at (250) 247-7104.

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